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Having trouble connecting Honor X7 to PC? It might be a driver problem, so download Honor X7 Android USB Drivers and install them on Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, or XP PC. The Honor X7 USB Drivers provided here are official and are virus-free. Based on your need, download USB Driver for Honor X7 from the downloads section and install it on Windows PC by following the instructions provided below.

With Honor X7 USB Driver installed on the PC, we can establish a secure connection between Computer and Mobile. It helps transfer data like images, video, documents, and other files from Mobile to PC.

We have also provided Honor X7 ADB and Fastboot drivers, which help pass ADB commands and Fastboot commands to the Phone via Command Prompt (CMD) from the computer.

Download Honor X7 USB Driver

The Honor mobile drivers offered here can be used to flash stock firmware, stock recovery, TWRP recovery, CWM Recovery, Unlocking Bootloader, etc. It can also be used for general purposes, like transferring data and files.

Honor X7 Driver for Flashing Firmware

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Driver extracted from HiSuite

You can also download Huawei PC Suite called HiSuite to install Drivers automatically.

Huawei HiSuite for Honor X7 – Latest Version

Download now

Honor X7 USB Driver for normal connecting to PC

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The Honor X7 Fastboot and ADB drivers can be downloaded below.

Honor X7 ADB and Fastboot Drivers

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[!] Note: If you face Driver Signature Error while installing the USB Driver, then watch this video to fix the problem.

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How to Install Honor X7 USB Drivers

  1. First of all, download and extract the Huawei Android USB Driver (Huawei-Android-USB-Driver.zip) package and extract it to Desktop on your Windows computer.
  2. When extracted, you’ll find the Huawei USB Driver setup (DriverSetup.exe) file.
  3. Right-click on the Huawei Android USB Driver setup file and choose Run as administrator.Huawei USB Driver Setup
  4. Now DriverTools 1.0 Setup wizard should open. Click on Next to continue.Huawei USB Driver Tools
  5. Accept the License Agreement by clicking on the “I Agree” button to proceed with the installation.Huawei Drivers License Agreement
  6. Now you’ll be asked to choose the Destination Folder. It is recommended to leave the default destination folder (C:Program Files (x86)DriverTools).
  7. Click on Next to continue.Huawei Android Driver Installation Location
  8. Now you’ll be asked to choose the Start Menu Folder, leave the default settings, and click on Install.Huawei Android USB Driver Start Menu Folder
  9. Now the DriverTools will be installed on your computer.Install Huawei Driver Tools
  10. Once the installation is completed, make sure to check Run DriverTools 1.0 and click on Finish.Huawei Android Driver Tools installed
  11. Now DriverTools window should launch, and it should have two options, Install Drivers and Uninstall Drivers.
  12. Click on Install Drivers to begin installing Huawei USB Drivers on your Windows computer.Install Huawei USB Drivers
  13. Now, the Huawei Driver will be installed on your computer.Installing Huawei Android Drivers
  14. Once installed, the installation window should close automatically.
  15. Now, restart your computer to finish the Huawei Android Drivers installation on your computer.

How to Install Honor X7 HiSuite USB Driver

  1. Download and extract Huawei Drivers (Huawei-USB-Drivers-HiSuite.zip) package to Desktop on your computer.Huawei USB Drivers HiSuite Driver
  2. Open the extracted folder and find the DriverSetup.exe file.Huawei Driver Setup HiSuite Driver
  3. Open Huawei HiSuite driver setup (DriverSetup.exe) as administrator on your computer.Run Huawei HiSuite Driver Setup
  4. The DriverSetup.exe is a silent installation file extracted from the Huawei HiSuite application (Huawei PC Suite). So, there will be no installation window.
  5. To check the Huawei Android USB Drivers installation progress, open the DriverSetupInstall.log or Install.log file using notepad.Huawei USB Driver Install Log
  6. The last line of the log files should contain the end word indicating that the driver installation is finished.Huawei HiSuite Driver Install Log
  7. When the installation is completed, reboot your computer.

How to Install Honor X7 USB Drivers Manually

  1. Download and extract the latest_usb_driver_windows.zip to Desktop on your computer.Honor X7 Google Android USB Driver
  2. Open the Device Manager on your computer by searching device manager (devmgmt.msc) from Windows Start Menu.Device Manager Windows Start Menu Search
  3. When the Device Manager window opens, click on your Computer name.Device Manager Computer Name
  4. Now click on Action and then click on Add legacy hardware.Device Manager Add legacy hardware
  5. Now Add Hardware Wizard window should open. Click on Next to continue.Add Hardware Wizard
  6. Now select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced) option and click on Next.Honor X7 Install Driver Manually
  7. Now click on Show All Devices from the list and click on Next.Show all Hardware Devices
  8. Now click on Have Disk… to open the Install From Disk window.Add Hardware Have Disk
  9. In the Install From Disk window, click on Browse… and navigate to the folder where you have extracted the drivers in Step #1.Install From Disk - Browse
  10. Now select android_winusb.inf driver file and click on Open and then on OK.Honor X7 USB Driver android_winusb.inf
  11. Now select the Android ADB Interface driver from the list and click on Next.Honor X7 Android ADB Interface Driver
  12. In the next screen, confirm the Hardware driver to install and click on Next to begin the installation process.Install Honor X7 Android ADB Interface Driver
  13. Once installed, click on Finish.Honor X7 Android ADB Interface Driver Installed
  14. Follow Steps #3 to #13 again and install the Android Bootloader Interface driver and Android Composite ADB Interface driver.Install Honor X7 Android Bootloader Interface Driver
  15. Once all the listed drivers are installed, reboot your computer.

How to Install Honor X7 ADB and Fastboot Drivers

  1. Download and extract the 15 seconds ADB installer zip package on your computer.15 Seconds ADB Installer
  2. Now right click on the adb installer setup exe file and click on Run as administrator.Run ADB and Fastboot Installer as administrator
  3. Now a command prompt window should open.Honor X7 ADB and Fastboot installer
  4. It should say, Do you want to install ADB and Fastboot? Press the Y key on your keyboard and hit Enter.Install Honor X7 ADB and Fastboot Driver
  5. When it says, Do you want to install ADB system-wide? Press the Y key again and hit Enter.Install Honor X7 ADB system-wide
  6. Now, the ADB driver and Fastboot driver installation process should begin.
  7. When finished, it should say, Do you want to install device drivers? Press the Y key and hit Enter.install Honor X7 drivers
  8. Now the “Device Driver Installation Wizard” window should open.
  9. Click on Next to install the Google USB Drivers (WinUSB).Install Honor X7 Google Android USB Driver WinUSB
  10. Once installed, click on Finish and restart your computer.Honor X7 Google USB Driver installation complete

Important Notes:

[*] Driver Signature Error: If you got Driver Signature Error While installing the Driver then See this Video to fix this problem. [*] Broken link: Report here. [*] Have we missed any device model? Let us know by contacting us via Contact Us page.

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